Affordable EDI for Micro, Small and Mid-Sized Business
EDI Shacks' Open Source EDI projects are MIT licensed so you can do whatever you like with them.
Every good EDI implementation needs a robust database to keep track of the EDI files and data contained within, plus the acceptance or rejection of the data. The EDI Database Schema gives you a complete set of MySQL/MariaDB tables (it can be easily adapted to other databases). 
EDI-Laravel is a Laravel (PHP) project framework that gives any company the ability to manage their own EDI project, and scale it to any size. An EDI project is far more than sending a couple of EDI files to a trading partner, and EDI-Laravel makes it easy to keep your EDI files, 824, 990 or 997 reply files organised. MIT licensed
Easily convert EDI Files to Json


EDI-Laravel is an EDI framework (MIT Licenced) open source project. The EDI-Laravel package is here. 

Affordable EDI for Micro, Small and Mid-Sized Business

At EDI Shack we believe every company with some technology knowledge should be able to do EDI. As such, we supply some Open-Source and FREE (MIT License) libraries you can use to get started with EDI. We'll also try very hard to keep you from making the most common EDI mistakes.

EDI Design or Build it
Our EDI experts can design an EDI system for you, and you can have your own IT staff build it, or we can design and build it
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What is the Number 1 EDI Mistake? Thinking EDI is just creating a strangely formatted file and sending it to your trading partner. In reality, what you're doing is pulling some data from your system, and putting it almost directly into your trading partners' system, using a strangely formatted file. If you're lucky, your trading partner has extensive data integrity checks and rejects your mistakes. Even scarier for you, if your trading partner is sending you data, you're taking data from your trading partner and putting it directly into your system using a strangely formatted file. If that doesn't scare you, it should. Any mistake in your, or your partners' EDI implementation is going straight into your data. 

Disasters, big and small, happen every day, but they won't happen to you if your EDI implementation contains enough checks to reject bad data. Whether the data is incoming or outgoing, it needs to be correct. Bad data will get you banned from many EDI systems. 

You also need to know exactly what is in each file, so you don't neglect sending some data, or in case your trading partner rejects the file. In fact, managing your EDI files and keeping track of what's in them is just as important as creating the file. It will take a lot of time and effort to fix mistakes. 

Install EDI-Laravel
We can install the EDI-Laravel framework, and get you going. The EDI-Laravel framework includes a full EDI UI. Even non-programmers can make tweaks to your EDI system

The EDI-Laravel framework is designed to give smaller companies a complete, easy to use EDI system. With a little basic EDI knowledge, you can create new transaction sets, and link them to transmission objects to send the files via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, or AS2 without any programming whatsoever. If you can program in PHP, you can do anything, quickly and easily.

For US $9,999 EDI Shack will install and build an ANSII X12 EDI system with our EDI-Laravel framework with 4 complete Transaction Set chains. That means 4 Transaction Sets either incoming or outgoing, including reading or sending the associated replies and responses (824, 990, 997 or other) , and entering the responses into a database, so you can review it. Don't have a server? No problem we can install and setup an Ubuntu 22.04 server in the cloud for you, for no extra charge. 

Let's face it. EDI is expensive and confusing. EDI is also one of the simplest technologies there is, but it can also be incredibly pricey and complex. EDI Shack is dedicated to make EDI simple for small and mid-sized companies.

EDI is Simple EDI is Complex
EDI is a simple text file The EDI Specifications Book for 1 version is 1930 pages
Create the file You know where your data is but how can it be formatted to EDI?
Send it to your trading partner Most large companies insist on specific transmission software, which can be expensive
You're done This is EDI, you're never done. You send an EDI file, they send back a 990, 997, or an 824. Now what do you do?

The problem for most companies is it's difficult, EXPENSIVE, and CONFUSING to get started in EDI. Most companies start doing EDI because they are forced to by a much larger trading partner. If you're a small manufacturer, you might have just gotten Walmart to buy a product from you, and Walmart won't buy from you UNLESS you update them with EDI. It's the same at GM, Ford, Chrysler, in fact most of the Top 500 companies. So, the bottom line for you is, it might be expensive, it might be confusing, but you don't have a choice.

EDI doesn't have to be complex, but most EDI companies deliberately confuse the issue. They make a lot more money that way. If you're a small company that only needs to do EDI to satisfy a big company you want to do business with, and you don't expect to need to keep expanding your EDI, then we can find a simple, not so expensive solution for you.


Some quick and easy to understand facts everyone starting with EDI should know in a question answer FAQ type format
EDI Magic is a framework for a complete EDI System. Designed to be affordable for small and mid-sized companies


Talk to Us about EDI Magic

EDI Magic started as a program or service for doing a few Transaction Sets with the ability to highly customize it for the individual company. Over the years it has grown into a framework, plus a template for a program or service, a flexible database schema, plus over 60 EDI components that can be dropped into the template, and customized for the company and trading partners. For smaller companies who don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, with limited EDI needs who need a high degree of automation and customization, it could be your best choice. Let us know what your actual needs are, now and in the future, and we'll present some options for you, or if EDI Magic is not your best choice, we'll tell you that also.


Do you need EDI for healthcare transactions? Talk to Us about HIPAA Magic

HIPAA Magic is our latest product offering. It's a subset of EDI Magic which includes as many of the HIPAA related transaction sets as you need with simplified pricing. HIPAA Magic consists of a FREE desktop program used to setup Transaction Sets, plus a FREE EDI service that runs on a server that processes EDI automatically. You get both the program and the service with any Transaction Set purchase.


HIPAA Magic Program FREE w/Purchase of any Transaction Set
HIPAA Magic Service FREE w/Purchase of any Transaction Set

1st Sending or Receiving Component

(835, 837, 834, 820, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278, 997)

$795 *  **

2nd and subsequent Sending or Receiving Component

(835, 837, 834, 820, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278, 997)

$595 *  **
* All components will need some setup. The First 5 hours of setup is FREE

** No limits on purchased components. Use them for multiple trading partners



Do you need to do EDI with WooCommerce, or Shopify?

One of the many benefits of using EDI Magic or HIPAA Magic is that they are lightweight full EDI frameworks and each use standardized data tables in a SQL Server or MySQL/Maria database. We can supply plugins for WooCommerce or Shopify to enable your staff to monitor the EDI system and alert you of problems.



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