EDI Shack makes EDI easy

EDI Shack was founded to work with small and mid-sized companies and EDI enable them even if they don't have a full-time tech department. it's easy to get fleeced by VAN's and big EDI technology companies, and also easy to hire EDI developers who put together substandard systems for you that appear to work, but fall apart easily with small changes in your data.

We can handle big or small EDI projects, and if your current EDI system is broken, we can usually fix it without a whole new system.

Consulting Services

  • We can work with your team and provide the experience and knowledge needed for EDI.
  • we can support Bots open source EDI translator.
  • have been working with EDI since 2000.
  • founded Jan, 2008.
  • We built the EDI Magic framework which provides EDI implementation services at a reasonable price.
  • Also have HIPAA Magic framework for Health Care EDI.